Orange County Buyers Seek Fair Home Price

The amount of homes available in Orange County at this time are probably at the lowest level we will see until the end of this summer. There are approximately 12% fewer homes for sale compared last January. While the inventory has decreased demand has remained flat. Based on these facts, Orange County home buyers seek fair market value and are much more cautious to not overpay for a home than ever before.

The importance of sellers to ask for a reasonable price for their home is more important at these time than ever before.  While inventory remains low sellers can take advantage of this as long as the demand remains flat or increases.  Take a look at the difference in active Orange County homes for sale inventory to see the trends of homes available to purchase.  We are in a less than average inventory era and sellers should take advantage if the time if right to pull the trigger.


The amount of homes available to purchase in Orange County has increased by about four percent or 180 homes in just the past two weeks.  This upward inventory trend will most likely continue through August of 2016.  Last year this time there were about 5 more homes in escrow in Orange County compared to today.  Nearly the same demand.


Below you will see a breakdown by city of the Average List price and Purchase Demand.


Below you will see the ratio of homes that are vacant on the market.  About 1/3 of all homes for sale in Orange County are vacant.  Selling your home while it’s vacant allows for greater opportunity to sell your home with ease and at top dollar.  If you own a home in Orange County, CA that you would like to sell please give Andre Abajian a call so he can assist you graciously.


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