Orange County Real Estate Market Report

As children began the school this this month sellers are beginning to adjust the market by changing their mindset of an inflated anticipated home sale price. This past summer sellers would look at the most recent sales price and over speculate as to how much money their home can be sold for.  In a hot market like we’ve had recently, sellers have been able to push the envelope on the home sales price.  Ornage County home inventory supply has dropped signficantly in recent months.  This shortage of supply, rise in dememand combined with attractive mortgage financing rates has fueled the summer surge as we expect things to cool down this upcoming winter.  We expect market time of the average home sale to remain the same until the end of the year but some sellers may soften up their prices to make a deal work.  With high demeand and a shortage of inventory this creates an environment where real estate agents should hold more open houses as one would expect them to recieve double the average foot traffic.  People will not pay more than fair market value for your home unless they are emotionally attached.  Please have a look at our Orange County Real Estate Market Time Report below and give Andre Abajian a call so he can gladly work with and assist you.

market time

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