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Having the unique ability to put oneself as best in your shoes possible. A meeting of the minds. The Donald Trump of contract negotiation. Andre Abajian has the knowledge, experience and dependability required to adapt to your circumstances and visions to assist you in locating and successfully obtaining a home that best accommodates your needs. Orange County born and raised Andre has had his hands on over 200 home purchase services since 2005 by being involved in the sales of real estate, property inspections and general building construction. He has been a licensed agent since 2005 and enjoys the challenges as well as meeting and building lifelong relationships with his private clients. He often assists with construction cost and design related questions that often come up during the home buying search and transaction process. Please call Andre directly below as his phone is always on. You may also contact him in the message box below and he will be in touch with you in a timely fashion.

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